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Sailboat manufacturers are passionate about the boats they build, but are also notorious for going out of business long before the boats they built have reached the end of their life.  If you think about it, that's not a bad thing.  Sailboats, especially ones made out of fiberglass, can last a very long time indeed.

My name is Mike McIntire.  I owned an O'Day 32 sailboat for 18 years and was never able to find an owner's manual for it, although during that time I did collect manuals for lots of other sailboats and built the web site I Heart O'Days.  I realized that if I was having a problem finding an owner's manual, plenty of other sailors were likely to be searching also.  Thus, this site was born.

What we do 

Manuals come in to us in a wide variety of conditions.  Some are pristine, most are well used, and some are practically unreadable to the point where they have to be transcribed to be of any use.  Pages are occasionally missing.  Sometimes the manuals arrive in digital format, scanned by the current owner, but this is the exception.

I scan each page of the manual in high resolution, then use digital editing software such as Photoshop to clean up the pages.  This involves removing dirt and smudges, yellowing, handwritten notes, and other imperfections, aligning the text horizontally and vertically, and assembling the result into a final version.  Depending on the condition of the original manual, this can take from a short to a very long time.  To see what editing can accomplish, here is a pdf file of before-and-after pages.

What we don't do

We provide a service to sailboat owners by collecting and making available documentation about their boats, strictly for manufacturers that have gone out of business.  We do not intentionally infringe upon or violate any copyrights or trademarks. 

Should we be made aware of an actual or potential infringement or violation, we will do our utmost to correct such infringement or violation immediately.